1. What do I do if my jewelry is faulty?


All jewelry is reviewed by our quality control team prior to being sent out. However, for time to time there may be a rare fault. If your have received a faulty product. We will gladly offer replacement if the product was purchased within 6 months. To notify us of a faulty product. Please contact us and include the below information:


    1. Your order number


    2. Your full name


    3. A clear picture or video of the faulty and a brief description of the issue.


Please note that wear and tear during the course of normal use is not considered a faulty.


1. How do I receive the parcel ?


      We will begin to process your order upon receipt of your payment and an email will be sent to you for order confirmation then.


      You may check order status and track the parcel(s) in my account after logging in your account on our site


      You may click here [ connect track order page ] for more information about shipping.


1. How do I receive updates & new icons?


      When we add presets or make any updates, this will be added to the Dropbox folder which you will have access to


      You will also receive an email about any updates so you will always be kept in the loop


1. How do I get in contact with you ?


       Please contact us at the following email address: suppory@charmsheen.com


       Or you can contact us through our contact page


       Alternatively, please feel free to drop us a message on Tik Tok or Instagram


1. How do I return an order?


       For more information about our Return Policy, please click here [ connect return policy page ]


1. How do I clean my jewelry?


Sterling silver and solid gold pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or ideally a jewelry cleansing solution.


Gold and rose gold plated pieces should be cleaned very gently with a dry soft polishing cloth.


Note: Do not use tissue paper or paper towels.


Please note that will all plated jewelry over time the top metal will wear away. Therefore. Plated pieces may need to be re-plated every few years.


1. Can I engrave my jewelry?


We currently do not offer an engraving service, We do not recommended engrave your vermeil by CharmSheen jewelry accessories as it may cause damage.


Our customized jewelry accessories is available for purchase through our website here [ connect customized product ]


1. Does my jewelry come with a warranty?


     All of our jewelry accessories has a warranty period of 6 moths ( exclusions apply) if you would like more information regarding our warranty, please read our


Warranty page


Please contact our Team at support@charmsheen.com if you have any questions.


1. What is our jewelry made from?


Sterling silver


We use solid sterling silver (925)


The 925 represents 92.5% minimum pure silver. As pure silver is soft and malleable (making it prone to breakage), 7.5% is made up of alloy. This helps our silver remain durable and suitable for everyday use while remaining high quality.


18k Gold vermeil


Vermeil is high quality method of gold plating. In order for a product to be gold vermeil, over gold plated - the product must coated in a thick layer of gold ( at least 2.5 microns) on sterling silver. The gold that we use is carats, which is higher quality compared to others.


1. I have a special request


We will do our best accommodate special requests within reason and within our control, such as adding a message to your gift.


If you have a special request, please contact us via live chat or by email at support@charmsheen.com


1. Can I make a change to my order?


Due to the high volume of orders we are processing, unfortunately, we cannot amend your order once it has been placed.


If you would like to cancel your order, we will do our best to accommodate this request. But we cannot guarantee that this is possible.