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Charm Sheen



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You will receive ONE intuitively chosen Flower Agate Pendant. They range in colors from blue, orange, grew, and pinks. Because they are natural stone they have natural fractures, pockets, and rough spots making them not entirely smooth.

Each Pendant is approximately 48mm.

Aligning your intentions:

Flower Agate Pendant is often associated with symbolizing mystery, security, and courage. It is believed to help eliminate inner fear and increase courage, enhancing one's ability to face fears. Its mysterious nature can also be seen as a symbol of reaching for your charm. Wearing an Flower agate pendant can serve as a daily reminder of these empowering qualities

Because these pendant are made with natural crystals, they all vary in color, size, and patterning, making each one unique and even more special.

Customize your our Necklace with our Flower Agate Pendant , Check our Customize Pages.


Item Type: Necklace Agate pendant

Material: Flower Agate

Gender: Unisex

Size: about 44228 (mm)

intentions: happiness and confidence

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Customize your own Jewelryto keeps its calming and protective energies
close to your body. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are popular choices.

Meditation: Holding an gemstone or placing it on your third eye during meditation can enhance spiritual awareness and intuition.

Home Décor: Placing crystals in your home can create a serene and peaceful environment, promoting relaxation and harmony.

Healing Sessions: Crystal is widely used in Reiki and other energy healing practices to cleanse the aura and facilitate healing.

Care Guidelines

Avoid contact with water, chemicals and perfumes as these may cause discoloration and tarnishing, Clean gently with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.

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